Massage comfortably 홈타이 at home

Today is not a good restaurant.
Incheon Couple Massage Possible
Let me introduce you to a home tie.
You can tell just by the name of the home tie, right?
Literally. Thai massage at home.
This is where you can get it.

You might be unfamiliar with the massage.
I think it’s a trend these days.
We’re having a double-man management event.
It would be nice to have it with a couple or with your parents.
I decided to take it with my mom.
I think it’s going to hurt a little bit.
Decided to get an oil massage!

Two Thai massage parlors and the chief of the Korean office came together.
Please explain briefly and the manager is gone.
You brought a mat and a towel.
And the massager.
You can speak simple Korean, so don’t worry.
Actually, it’s not a secret that you asked me because you were worried about me.

Incheon Couple Massage Home Tie
Tymassage’s dry, so he’s dressed.
The oil massages are after the removal.
The manager took a picture of me before I went down.LOL

First, relax your upper body muscles.
You spread it gently with oil and massage it.
I wasn’t sick or uncomfortable at all.

Personally, when you get your calves and foot massages,
It was the best.
Thanks to the Incheon Couple Massage-enabled home ties,
I’m proud to be a good son to my mom.

Finally, sit down and put your shoulder together.
Loosen it up and 홈타이 stretch it out.
My mom loves getting massages.~^^
I’ll have to get it together more often from now on.

The one who’s responsible for my body, which has a charming smile.

She was in charge of my mother who was much prettier in person.

After the massage, clean the after-treatment.
He did it and left.
Thank you for saying bye in short English.LOL
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In addition to Incheon Couple Massage, Incheon Post-Massage Site
Can you do all the business trips in Incheon?
If you need it, you’d better get it

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