I hope you have time to heal your skin properly.

I thought I would be able to take off my mask by the end of the year until the summer.

I think it’s frustrating that I have to keep wearing a mask even after a year is over.

If it’s just frustrating, I’ll be able to put up with it, but all my life I’ve ever seen is a rash that didn’t come up.

ㅠ_ㅠ couldn’t help but feel serious ㅠ_ㅠ

I wasn’t worried about my dry and dry skin, but I was upset.

I haven’t been in care for a while, but I can’t ignore this.

This time, I am determined to get care for myself and go to Songdo massage shop to have healing time quickly.

The place I visited was the Keywell Songdo branch. I thought I’d have more reservations than I thought.

It’s not easy to get a reservation.

I already have a personal schedule.I guess you had a hard time keeping the time.

But I made a reservation just in time for my day off!

You have to make a reservation before you go, so you’d better set a date in advance.

As it happened to be the 10th anniversary, you were preparing various events. I saw the event that you wanted to recommend to your friends.

Who wants to get a recommendation from me and use it? I’m just like this.

You know it’s mandatory to fill out a visit and entry list when you visit, right?

There’s also a hand sanitizer, and when you go in, you’re checking your body temperature first.

If the temperature is higher than the average body temperature, it is recommended to return home even if there are no symptoms.

We’re not only on a regular basis, but we’re also sterilizing the tools we’ve been using every day.

I think it’s a relatively safe shop to find.

I don’t know if it’s Christmas soon, but the atmosphere is so nice.

The Christmas atmosphere! I think it was nice to add point items to the neat and pretty interior 🙂

First of all, you can easily diagnose your skin and get counseling in the counseling room.

There’s nothing difficult about giving a chart or something. Just write one by one and that’s it.

The consultation itself was great. What causes these problems to occur, starting with noticeable skin problems?

From where to how to solve this, etc.

I was happy to be able to figure out the cause, because I was able to talk to him.crying

I thought I was running out of water, but no wonder… I was right in my prediction.

He recommended black pen care to help smooth skin texture and improve skin texture.

I’ve decided to get a Songdo 송도 스웨디시 massage this time!

You could change in the dressing room and go to the maintenance room. The dressing room was beautiful.

Fortunately, it didn’t overlap with the other guests, so I rented a dressing room by myself.

I was able to film comfortably.

If I change my clothes and wait outside, the therapy staff came to pick me up, so I was able to move without getting lost. I was able to get care in a single room. It’s most convenient to manage one-on-one, but it’s good to separate rooms from other people. I was able to get it very comfortably.

For your information, the staff and the Therapist were all wearing masks.

You don’t have to worry too much when you get a Songdo massage.

Even before we started, I was able to feel more relieved because I cleaned my hands.

I am going to receive Songdo Massage this time, and I am going to use fermented black vinegar from nature.

It’s a product that not only has rough skin texture but also can help with skin trouble management.

It’s a course that can nourish your skin, so I think it was a perfect process for me right now!

I should have asked you how much it costs to buy the product separately.

Anyway, I was able to hear that black-film care is recommended for people who have a lot of skin problems like me.

Maintenance lasts 75 minutes, but I don’t know if there’s any other reservation.

I was able to get more than 75 minutes. That was great.

I start with cleansing first, from cleansing to final pack and shoulder care,

And as I said before, I had a little time to take care of my lower body.

This is the process of applying ampoule to the course I chose.

The good thing about Keywell is that you can also choose the right product for your skin type.

I’ve chosen the Black Pencil, but I’ve also been able to get a lot of other products for my skin.

I think I’m satisfied that I can choose the right one for my skin.

Most of all, you can get the meticulous touch and care of a professional terapist who has completed the dermatology course.

It seems like Keywell’s visitors are always here. It’s a place that’s been consistently professional for a long time.

I think I was more reliable than other places.

In fact, all the care was done in close proximity, and there was an accompaniment that allowed us to feel professionalism.

I was able to lie down comfortably and get care and hear how this process works!

Lastly, I received the pack, and it wasn’t the end here, but I did some more lower body care.

Actually, skin care was really good, but it was nice that the areas where I felt stiff were getting better.

I feel like I’m born again with dry skin after finishing the Songdo massage process.

Actually, I wanted to compare the pictures before and after the care, but when I realized that I didn’t take the comparison picture properly…

But after the treatment, I felt like my skin was definitely glowing. Good good!

If you are worried about skin problems like me, it would be good to visit the Keywell Songdo branch.

I hope you have time to heal your skin properly.

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