I was looking for a 88카 Mustang used car

I had a consultation with a trader who introduced Son Su-su as an old woman with a farm license.
You must have been very worried before the used car guagari.
Yeah, I’m sure you’really. I didn’t have the power to drive, but now that I’m making a basket of cars that I don’t know well, I can only double my worries.
But even if we don’t drive well, we can solve your problems.
I met a long-distance customer and daughter in front of the station and safely brought them to the office.
We also went on the phone to discuss everything we couldn’t be done. He was looking for a 10,000 won used car, and he said it could be more than that if the car was good.
The purpose of the service was to go to school for children and to go to the mart for a light outing, and you didn’t really decide on the type or type of car.
He trusted me so much that he felt a lot of course.
Bad dealers who knew customers as beggars would call for good luck, but I couldn’t help but feel burdened by my timid personality of skipping meals because I felt uncomfortable after working that I wasn’t responsible for.
Since you are a poor driver, I recommended small cars first.
The most popular used car in the compact car is the Soul and Pride. As of the first week of every month, I recommended it because it was a car that was able to save good sales in the early and mid 10,000 won range, and the design was pretty and the size of the 88카 car was small.
However, the disadvantage was that the sales were not good enough, so the choice was a little narrow.
As of the first week of the month of the year, we recommended the new Pride model because you can look at the lower cash offerings.
It is not bad for those who want an easy-to-use sentiment instead of Soul’s personality, but it is not bad because it has more sales than Soul.
Before I knew it, the search for the sale reached the medium-sized crossing of a small car, and whether the stories of the long and long adults were lacking in fun, her daughter had already left her seat and fled.
We’re looking at a new black New Pride model that stands out in a lot of sales.
In the form identified in the computer, it seemed to be quite a good situation and the specifications on the document seemed good, but when I saw it in person, I was able to easily find the bad things that were not identified by the shape.
And the most important thing was that the engine was a complete failure.
It was only possible to see with vibration and noise without having to open the bonnet.
You can cover the exterior and interior cleanliness, but you can’t avoid the engine beeps. If you’re a bad customer, you might have been forced to sell the car, but you wouldn’t call it a good Suhyun Middle and High School car. I gave up my regret and started to look for sale again, so I recommend Avante, the representative of the subcompact.
A sweet snack helped the little girl relax a little bit.
Due to the fast disappearance of the sun during the winter solstice, the review began under the dim sky.
I started to review the car as if I were buying my car.
It is not a common business statement, but a mind mouth that sincerely looks for my car.
That way, I can deliver the trouble-free vehicle to you, but I have to do so if I want to feel comfortable after the sale.
It’s so easy and obvious.
Since I was the only customer who trusted you, we reviewed the car and explained only the important points to you.
As a result of the review, I was convinced that you were satisfied and that I could recommend it with confidence.
It was a satisfactory sale without any further consideration because it had a great engine mission and clean internal and external conditions.
If you’re looking for a subcompact car in the 10,000 won range, the Avante could be the most standard answer.
And if you’re ever going to find a good deal of Avante, you don’t have to hesitate.
This Avante used to be a luxury class with a mileage of 10,000 per year.
The lack of navigation was a little disappointing, but the black box was standard and the rear camera was decided to add a separate room mirror, and the daughter, who waited patiently for a long time, was soothing the boredom with her smartphone and we hurriedly closed the contract.
It’s getting late and he’s hungry, so I’m in a hurry.
It was a dark night and there was a big daughter waiting for her mother at home, so I couldn’t even treat her to dinner.
I ended the day’s schedule by simply seeing you off to the terminal.
From the next day, we have been in touch with you through handling the balance and the insurance company’s mouth, and have been in a hurry to prepare for the shipment.
And after we concluded the installation of the rear camera of the room mirror that you requested separately, we sent Avante to your house after washing the car.
Since you’re a novice driver, there will be many embarrassing moments at first.
Still, if you gradually improve your skills after driving, it will not be as difficult to drive in your neighborhood as riding a bicycle at some point.
I hope you achieve accident-free driving until the next car upgrade through safe driving compliance, and I sincerely hope that you will always be a family where only good labor occurs

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