In case of Sugarring, the waxing agent is lukewarm, so I could feel less irritation.

born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

My concern has always been my hair.

His skin’s sensitive.

Self-waxing was not easy.

I’ve been buying waxing agents at beauty shops a few times.

I tried self waxing.

with one’s skin completely turned upside down

I’ve been through a lot for a while.

And that’s why I’ve had my hair cut so far.

I’m using a razor, but my friends are not.

How long are you going to live in the Paleolithic Age?

I’m giving you a face-off, and I’ve been doing this whole time.

The reason why I couldn’t go to a professional shop was…

It’s partly because I’m shy.

But this year, the rainy season is especially long.

Wet weather doubles the dampness.

The hair grows fast for nothing.

I couldn’t handle it myself.

So one day, I told my boyfriend,

And when I told him all these things, he told me,

They asked about couple waxing.

I’ve been cutting my hair so far.

I’ve been wearing a band all day.

You said you felt uncomfortable.

Besides, it’s obvious to eat and watch a movie.

off the date line

It would be nice to have a unique date.

Speaking of which, the usual waxing mania.

I’ll call Bepp.

I asked for a good shop recommendation.

I’d like to go to a shop with man’s books.

The place where our couple went to get the couple waxing…

It was called 김은채 왁싱 Nanawaxing.

Right in front of Guro Digital Complex Station on Line 2.

Thanks to our location, we’re not good at directions.

It was easy to find.

And on the other hand, in this situation, there are a lot of people.

I was worried if I could go to where I was using it.

If you don’t wear a mask,

You can’t get in and out.

I was relieved because I was thorough in hygiene.

I was so surprised when I walked inside.

It’s like we’re in a nice hotel, in a lobby.

Comfortable, spacious spaces are all white and woodtoned.

Because it was luxurious and elegant.

I visited this place on my friend’s recommendation.

A shop run by a young couple.

He has a man’s book.

To do couple waxing.

I heard there are a lot of people who visit.

Just in case there’s a man’s note on the same day.

I’ve been checking it a couple of times.

Have you been anxious ^^

For your information, you can also choose the sex of the waxer!

Make sure you’re ready after completing the questionnaire.

While waiting, I looked around the inside of the shop.

Actually, I’ve been working on waxing shops.

One of the reasons why I couldn’t make it.

Because I was scared of the pain.;_;

But fortunately, the Waxes here…

She has been invited to many beauty contests as a member of the Simsi Council.

In the case of the director, he is the first master of Sugarring in Korea.

I felt relieved because they were talented.

Besides, this is a shop specializing in Sugarling waxing.

I cut it in the opposite direction of the hair.

Unlike regular waxing, which is painful,

For Sugarling

It’s a way of pulling hair in the direction of the hair.

It’s less painful. to the root

It’s a neat pick:-)
Sugarring waxing is the hottest waxing in recent years.

We use high-quality raw materials.

When your skin is sensitive and you get regular waxing,

And if you’re having trouble,

They say you can get it more safely.

Besides, it’s safe to eat here.

It’s safe, and it’s known as the Wax luxury.

Alexandria Professional Genuine

It’s a certification shop, so it’s usually

I’m sensitive to the skin, and this is what I’m talking about.

I was especially relieved.
Before full-scale management begins,

Going to the bathroom in advance

They like it.

You don’t have to bother going outside.

There’s a bathroom inside the shop.

I was able to use it comfortable.~

on either side of the long corridor

The management office is lined up.

to the point where there’s not a speck of dust.

It was very clean.

Usually, even if it’s a little messy,

He’s the type of person who reacts directly to the body.

The friend who recommended this place

Thank you very much.

Open the door for couple waxing.

I burst into laughter as I entered.

It’s because of the sexy Les Hairmore in front of the door.

I think it’s just me.

I get stabbed, I get a laugh.

Even a little bit of tension left over there.

It’s completely gone.
The inside of the management room is quite clean.

The light is just right.

The atmosphere is cozy.

I really liked it.

Besides, the room itself has a private shower.

Thanks to the arrangement, I’ll be able to work with everyone else.

I’m glad I didn’t have to use it.

Well, after the waxing,

I was worried about my sensitive skin.

The inside of the shower was clean without biting at all.

Cleaners with good sterilizing effects

They’re ready. They’re ready right after management.

I thought it would be okay to take a shower.

There’s also a powder room inside the maintenance room.

after care

It was also good for trimming.

Well, I think it’s right after the maintenance.

I had to go out on a date.

As much as I’ve been given to lie down and take care of myself,

It bothered me.

The bed was covered with a white disposable sheet.

It’s made of pure cotton, so it’s soft on the skin.

I loved the feeling of touching it.

I’m going to change into a disposable gown.

You lie down with the Shivine.

The maintenance is starting in earnest.

There was a doll on the floor.

I think it hurts enough to tear it apart.

I was nervous again.

I don’t know when it was over.

It really didn’t hurt at all.

The maintenance time is 40 minutes.

I’ve been talking to Mr. Wax about everything.

Time flew by.

My friends say that the waxing system

I heard it was hot.

In Sugarling’s case, the waxing agent…

Maybe it’s because it’s lukewarm.

It’s less irritating.

I keep on doing the waxing.

I asked her because she smelled sweet.

Sugarling mixes natural ingredients with brown sugar.

It’s safe to make.

A pregnant announcer on a live British TV show.

I’m going to watch you eat Sugarring on the air.

She even showed it to them herself.

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