I sang this song because I remembered the cool homestay in Suwon

I’ve been working in one place for a long time.

I don’t know why I can’t get used to it.

I’ve never had a slump like these days.

Furthermore, the weather is getting cold.

I’m tired.

I couldn’t find anything that didn’t sting me.

And at a time like this,

It’s uncomfortable going to the sauna.

Even if you go, your fatigue doesn’t work out.

It reminds me of a massage.

In the old days, if it was a shop you could see,

I just went in and got it.

I don’t want to do that now.

I personally searched for the Suwon Women’s Travel Massage

I made a choice.

It was a shop called Koala Aroma.

The reason why I chose the Suwon Women’s Travel Mage is that

The massages I’ve received before…

It was all in a sort of way.

It’s not cool at all.

Some places are too sick or something like that.

I’ve never been to places I’ve been to before.

But if you go to a place where you only use women,

But I think you’ll feel at ease.

I made a choice.

And once upon a time, shops…

Because there’s no limitation.

Crowds of people, swarming of male guests.

Is she getting a massage or is she here to read?

I was confused.

What’s more, going around in a gown?

It’s a lot of places, and it’s kind of embarrassing.

I wonder if this is right. I got a reality check.

So considering the various factors,

I’m on a business trip for women now.

It must be the best place for me. I made a decision.

I made a reservation and visited the shop.

It’s my first time using a private property.

I was looking forward to it.

He’s got such a good reputation.

That much, I can get rid of my fatigue properly.

That’s what I felt.

Once we get into the shop, the male staff will be there.

Please welcome me.

It’s our first time, so we’re going to talk about the configured course.

You can hear the explanation.

Especially, Suwon Women’s Travel Massage Shop

I heard that male caregivers will massage you.

Of course I didn’t know you at first.

This part was a little embarrassing::

Will I be able to receive it without paying attention?

I was worried.

But when I got it, it was my mistake. LOL

If I’d known this earlier,

You wouldn’t have been surprised.

I was surprised when I didn’t know.

If you are using the Suwon Women’s Travel Mage,

You’d better know before you go:)

Especially for male managers.

The only thing that makes me feel more merit is…

I’m sure those who have received it’s true.

Once you’ve been guided,

We go into the room and lie down on the bed.

I’m a big fan of aromas.

I chose aroma again this time.

Of course, aroma is oil.

It’s normal to take off your gown.

I don’t think male managers are comfortable at all.

Not really.

They cover the big towel and do it.

You don’t have to worry.

I don’t touch it while I’m taking it.

All you have to do is take it comfortably.

Maybe I can get an aroma massage.

I don’t know how to be so delicate.

My fatigue melted while I was taking it.

Not only that, but I’ve got the present in my body.

Where’s your blood 홈타이 circulation going?

He knows if there’s a lot of swelling.

It was good to take care of them intensively.

Maybe it’s because they’ve been in this field for a long time.

The quality is definitely different.

It’s a delicate, soft massage.

If you want it, you can do it like me.

I’d like to recommend aroma.

I don’t really like high-intensity stuff.

I always get an aroma.

I had a hard time getting a sports massage before.

That’s how much massage you need.

I think there’s something else!

Of course, those of you who like to be strong,

I think the sports will suit you well:)

After all this care is over,

He asked me if I was going to take a shower.

There’s a separate shower room inside.

You can use it comfortably.

When I get an aroma, that day,

I don’t take a shower, so I don’t have to take a shower.

I do tend to maintain my skin.

And this shop,

It’s a 24-hour shop.

These systems are not just about what this shop has.

I think it’s a merit.

Most office workers want to get it after work.

There’s a time limit, so it’s proper.

I haven’t received it once or twice.

Now I don’t have to delay.

I can get it after work.

I think I’ll keep getting it

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