I highly recommend it to you.

Hello, everyone! Did you see me on my way to work today? I don’t know how much snow I’ve had in the morning because of the traffic jam. Originally, it would’ve been 20 minutes, but it took me an hour because of the traffic jam ㅠㅠ Run for fear of being late.It hurts so much that everyone’s back is tilted. So I’m going to get a massage in Bundang after work, and I have a massage at 24 o’clock per minute, so I’d like to introduce it to you!

At first, I got to know it because my friend introduced me. There’s a friend who always goes to get a massage when he leaves work. He recommended a site called Gunma Banha to get it because he’s so busy and tired due to get it. I was wondering what this was, so I went in and found that you were good at different kinds of massage, including swaddies, aroma, tie, and sports!

So I made a reservation right away. The 24 o’clock massage per minute is famous for being open all year round, but it’s also very famous for the famous Swedish massage restaurant in Bundang. I heard many celebrities are coming to get treatment. When I went there, I was really sad that I couldn’t see it. The location is around Migeum Station, and there is a good public transportation and a parking lot in the 분당건마 building, so you can park comfortably even if you bring your car!

A neat interior welcomes you when you come inside. The store is quite big, but I think it’s probably the biggest around here. But it was amazing that you kept such a large store so pleasant! He has a big affection for the shop and he seems to be very diligent, so I felt really good before I even started because I thought he would be good at massaging.

I went to the counter and started to choose the menu, and for those like me who don’t know anything or who came for the first time, my massage teacher will help me with counseling at 24 o’clock per minute. I was completely ignorant when it came to massage, so I went through a consultation and chose aromatherapy using soft ab.

And I went to the fitting room to change my clothes. You can keep the clothes you wore in the cabinet first, and it’s really convenient because the locker is large and you can lock it with a key. But if you’re worried about valuables, I recommend you leave them at the counter.

And it’s time to take a foot bath. You were getting warm water in advance. You can choose the oil used for foot baths yourself, and they kindly explained what kind of oil is good for you. I chose rosemary oil that is good for fatigue recovery and good for skin. It smells really good.

We finally came into the massage room at 24 o’clock per minute for maintenance! There are basically beds and bedding. Needless to say, I liked it because it was so neat. It smells like a fresh fabric softener. Your care skills were amazing, and I highly recommend it to you.

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