Used car driver, I sat down and compared

I feel like I’m struggling with my nosy personality. I have another appointment last weekend.

But the previous schedule was empty, so when another friend helped me get ready to move,

I’ve had a lot more of a burden than I thought.

I used to work out a lot, so it was easy at first, and it was okay, but I had some time.

As I passed, I got tired and pulled my arm.And eventually, I got a muscle pain.

I was going to take a good rest after watching it over the weekend, but my plan went completely 88카 wrong. lol

It was a bit hard when I went to see Ssangyong Tivoli, but I did my best.

These days, small suv seems to be released with a lot of visual appeal.

Am I the only one? In the old days, suv is for the family, and you’ve got to drag it because you like it.

I didn’t think she was that pretty.

It’s a little bit. But choosing them is a little too much for the price and as.

It’s a lot. Anyway, we’re going to talk about it one by one, so the Tivoli will be okay.

He said he thought we were the same!I watched it with you because it’s time to beg.

And then I could see that he was wearing white. Staff to guide you quickly

You did it and I looked around accordingly!It’s not too round, it’s too disciplined.

I’ve been giving it to you, and I like the way it’s alive and sleek on the tire wheels.

I’ve heard that. Not just from the front, but from the side or from the back.

He was also showing off a handsome look that looked good on him. Not just performance.

Don’t you think they make a lot of choices because of the appearance? That’s what I thought.

Anyway, I’m meeting you in the 2019 model year, and the car you’re showing me is filled with gasoline.

He said he was an air model! Other than that, you can choose from an armor, but my friend said it’s…

He said he liked it better. I’ve been there with him, but it’s not my pick, it’s my friend.

I had to make decisions as much as I could, so I respected them as much as I could. Haha

When I finally gave up, I felt so sorry for myself that I decided to take her instead.

I wanted to get off. Anyway, we’re going to follow up on the review. Haha

It’s not just good on the outside, but it’s good to come inside and compare, and check your condition.

It was equally excellent! The interior designated as black is also very synergistic.

He’s been doing a good job, and I personally think he’s neat and tidy, so it’s better.

I think we’re close. I can say it’s more than I expected, but I don’t really have eyes that hurt.

It doesn’t feel like it, and it’s very poetic!!That’s why the people who choose suv

It was good considering it wasn’t too much

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