I really want to recommend the 24 o’clock massage shop in Ilsan!

Hello! Isn’t the weather really bad this week? It’s supposed to stay below minus 10 degrees for the whole week. It’s sad that the daily life frozen by the corona seems to have frozen even more due to the cold weather. Along with the icy roads, it’s hard to take a walk outside due to the cold weather, and my body is getting stiff and stiff. I wanted to relax my muscles even if I drink it, but my acquaintance told me that there was a good shop, so I went to Ilsan 24 o’clock massage shop!

Wonheung Good Thai, which I visited, was located two minutes’ walk from Exit 1 of Wonheung Station in Ilsan. I took a loan transportation, but it’s close to the station so I can get there easily. If you bring your car, you can visit the parking lot in the building without worrying about parking.

It’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without any weekends. Whether it’s dawn or morning, if you want to get a massage, you can get it anytime if you contact me in advance, so it’s a 24-hour massage shop where you can visit anytime you want!

Inside the Ilsan massage shop. Unlike other shops, the atmosphere was brighter. White and woodton are properly mixed, and there are many flower pots, giving it a comfortable feeling. As soon as I came in, I realized that I’m here to get some healing.

They gave me a car here, and I heard they 일산건마 prepare a different car every day. This time, they gave us a boy car, and the massage shop in Ilsan at 24:00 did not give us a tea bag, but they made a tea by themselves. Maybe that’s why I could enjoy tea more because it was rich in scent and taste than drinking it elsewhere. I heard about the shop’s program while drinking tea.

Tai Massage A1. 60 minutes 60,000 hours a day 30,000 nights a week A2,500,000 won a week 80,000 minutes, 80,000 minutes, 40,000 nights a week, 40,000 won a week, and Ilsan Aroma massage consists of B1.60 minutes a week, 450,000 won a week, 90 minutes, 90,000 and 50,000 won a week a week.Durikos course is a massage that two managers take care of, and the price was really nice compared to other shops because it was 50,000 won per day and 60,000 won per night.

The 24 o’clock massage shop says that if you get an aroma massage, you can get a massage by choosing the oil you want from Jasmine, Lemon Grass, O’Kid, Peppermint, Lavender, and Coconut Oil. I chose fresh peppermint. Even if I get the same massage, I personally really liked it because it seemed better to get a massage with the oil that I needed!

I was shown to the fitting room to change my clothes. The changing room of Ilsan massage has plenty of space so it’s easy to change clothes. The maintenance clothes were arranged in different sizes, but when I got a massage, I changed to the biggest because it was comfortable to wear something bigger than usual and get a massage at 24:00.

I went to the foot bath to get a foot bath. Overall, the interior is decorated with woodton, so the atmosphere is comfortable, so it was perfect to take a rest at the Ilsan 24-hour massage shop.

They gave me coffee and snacks that are good to drink while taking a foot bath. It was so nice to have a cup of sweet coffee when I thought of it. I was very satisfied because I felt that I wanted to take care of one more massage shop at 24 o’

At the 24 o’clock massage shop in Ilsan, you already put the foot bath in warm water.Every time I stir my feet, the gentle scent of the footwork calmed me down. I can feel the blood circulation in my feet. As I have cold hands and feet, I feel like I’m getting healthier because it’s been a long time since my feet are warm.

I enjoyed foot baths and the Ilsan Korean massage manager started to take care of me. She takes care of it with the oil I chose. Peppermint’s unique mint scent made my hair clear. I knew a lot about aroma oil, but when I took care of it myself, it was refreshing.

At 24 o’clock, the massage manager lightly loosened the joints with dryness, and the cheerful sound of bones rang in the room. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s as refreshing as the sound. It’s different from stretching alone. It’s been a long time since I’ve solved everything properly!

They took care of the places where the oil clumped up, especially the calves were really cool. He takes good care of his legs. He’s really good at controlling pressure. It’s not painful but refreshing. Of course, it was the top of the 24 o’clock massage in Ilsan.

The next day, when I received a lot of pressure, it would hurt like a muscle pain, but even after I got it at the Ilsan massage shop, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort at all.

I went to the shower to wash the leftover oil. The shower room at the 24 o’clock massage shop was clean and clean with no dirt or mold, and all the necessary shower items were available. She uses my favorite body care product. The maintenance price is really nice, and the product is also good, so I was surprised by the cost-effectiveness!

Skin care products, hair combs, and re-news were all prepared. I think it’s one of the great merits of Ilsan Massage Shop that you can get care from head to toe whenever you visit.

Lastly, I could drink tea. I really liked the body that became light like a feather after a long time. This is a 24-hour massage shop where you could enjoy all the facilities, skills, and services with this amount.

If you’re looking for a place to go when you want to relax or need a break, I’d really like to recommend Ilsan 24-hour massage shop!

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