I was so thankful to the manager for letting me go, so I also gave him some tips.

Hello~ It’s gotten very cold these days. Maybe that’s why I don’t go out often and just stay at home, so I feel very upset. On top of that, my brother’s body was seriously lumped while helping him move. I fell in love with Gunma because I thought I should get a massage, and I found a place I liked on the site, so I made a reservation at the Aroma massage shop in Incheon.~

The ‘bling bling’ I visited was located near Gyeongbokgung Palace in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon. People who bring their cars can park for free, so you can visit comfortably without any inconvenience from parking. It’s open from 12 p.m. to 3 a.m., and if your phone is off, it’s closed or random, so please refer to it.

Aroma massage shop disinfects the room immediately after using it. Also, they sterilize it 5-6 times a day. People like me who don’t want to go outside with Corona these days, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the prevention so that they can take care of it comfortably.

The furniture made of rattan became a point, but I kept on looking at it. The Incheon massage shop is easy to visit with friends and family because the atmosphere is bright. I liked how it wasn’t stuffy because the interior was also open.

They gave me warm Louibos tea as a Walcomtea. The weather was really cold on the day I visited. Not only my hands and feet, but also my whole body was frozen, but I felt more relaxed after drinking a cup of tea from the aroma massage shop in Incheon. The scent 안산건마 and taste of tea were strong, so I could enjoy it much more than drinking it elsewhere.

I heard about the program at the aroma massage shop while drinking warm tea. It was composed of basic and special. Basic was 80,000 won for 40 minutes, 100,000 won for an hour, 140,000 won for 90 minutes, 180,000 won for 2 hours, and the special was 10,000 won higher.

I think my body is too tight. I don’t think it’ll work out if I get it for a short time. I wanted to get it for sure, so my brother and I wanted to get it for sure. I was looking forward to seeing a very talented Korean massage manager in Incheon giving me an aroma massage.

I went to the fitting room to change my clothes. The locker at the aroma massage shop had a lot of space. Even if you put bulky or long clothes like winter clothes, it wouldn’t drag, so you could store them neatly without wrinkles. It was very convenient because there was a separate compartment for storing luggage. I feel much lighter after changing into a suit prepared in advance.

I moved to the foot bath room to get a foot bath. Incheon Aroma massage manager washed your feet clean. It’s itchy and embarrassing, but after washing it, it feels refreshing and light! While receiving the water, the manager brought me a sweet-scented foot bath.

The aroma scent of twenty-twenty-year-old Aroma calms the mind while you’re relieving the yellow foot bath in the right temperature of water. I just dipped my feet in, but since I moved in, my swollen feet are melting away. I was able to get some good healing at the massage shop in Incheon.

There were a lot of rooms on the way to get care. There was a single room for people who came alone, a double room for couples or friends, and a group room for up to four people at the same time. You said you’ve reduced the number of reservations you receive at the same time because of Corona. It was a good Incheon aroma massage shop for friends to get when Corona calms down.

The Incheon manager poked the back of my ear with peppermint oil. It’s a small amount, but I felt my head clear right away. I always had a headache because of stress, but it was refreshing because of the unique smell of mint.
You lightly massaged the scalp and took care of the neck and shoulders. My daily habits are really bad. I heard that my muscles are very tight and my shoulders are uneven. She told me about my bad habits and taught me good stretching and took care of my aroma massage.

I’m not good at drinking. It hurts a little bit and it tickles a lot. I’ve never had a satisfactory massage before. Even though I’m ticklish, the Incheon Swedish massage manager is really good at controlling my arm, so it’s amazing that it doesn’t tickle and just feels cool.

He skillfully loosened the muscles that were tight for two hours at a time. I moved my body after finishing the Aroma massage treatment in Incheon, and my swollen feet were all gone and I felt like I had a rock on my shoulder, but my body became lighter like I went back to my childhood. I couldn’t help but admit my skills.

I took a shower because I wanted to refresh myself. The aroma massage shower booth was very clean without any moisture or hair as I used it for the first time. Shower products also have good cleaning power, so the oil in the body was washed clean.

We also prepared skincare products and disposable products. It was an Incheon massage shop where you can get a massage comfortably because you have a lot of things you need even if you come to get an unexpected massage.
Aroma massage shop gave me a cool rose-hip tea. The beautiful color like a rose was a good car to lower the heat that was slightly raised after getting a massage. I was so thankful to the manager who helped me relieve my swelling, so I gave him some tips.

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