Celebrities also wear a lot of fashion items

I’ve been coordinating through my favorite hot ping-ku color match
The real luxury comes 레플리카 from the cunning
So I’m going to wear it with a comfortable, casual co-ordination
I gave you a point with a luxury bracelet brand Devasque!
The reason why I wore the Dvask bracelet I wear today!
I’m going to have to go to the pink of the dark raspberry color
It’s a color combination that contains all the gold in the ring I wore
So it seems to be harmoniously well-matched
Today, the accessory is the main character, so I’m not
I’ve been taking detailed photos or upper body photos
I also attached a picture taken from afar to show the overall atmosphere!
So I thought you’d have seen the whole feeling.
Now I’ll show you the product composition with the detail cut !!!!
It comes with a luxurious package
I took a picture of the package because it was too good to present
I’ll show you the wrist-wearing cut before you show me the unboxing first.
I did not know it from afar, but it is more beautiful to look so close!
Actually, I felt more unique and cool than pretty
It’s definitely a luxury, but the details are different
The band’s straps are pink, so they look feminine
In fact, the other color is very neutral, masculine, and chic
I’d like to be unique to wear a couple bracelet
In fact, we are also a prospective bride and groom who are about to marry this time.
I’ve seen a lot of couples items these days,
I’m more blinded by this unique item than by the obvious and popular
It’s a neat box-shaped package
The Devask logo is in the middle
The package itself has the box type and ribbon string
It’s good for carrying and it’s good for gifts
I saw why the package was so big when the bracelet was small
There are many catalogs and booklets inside
I’d like to give you a heads-up for your selection
The body of the product can be matte and opal
Straps can be variously selected not only in color but also in metal and leather
The choice is very wide.
I’ve got some introductions with the color of the bracelet
It is good for color reference and good for brand introduction. ~
And when you open a luxurious leather case, you get a brilliant bracelet !!!
She’s so beautiful
This time, Devask said the design was changed to the season
It comes with a cap so that the design can be protected safely,
You can see the beautiful gold figure if you peel it carefully!
If you look at the buckle-filling part logo imprint and the back imprint part
It feels simple and luxurious, so it seems pretty.
The product itself is also very good for casual coordination
I’m sorry to show you one of these
I’ve also styled with other cody!
This time, it is a little more classic than the first styling,
But it’s the kind of cody that has casualness
Is it a little mix-matched?
I’m wearing more casual than a semi-suit
I just wanted to show you a shirt feeling rather than a man-to-man.
I also tried on other cody and shot it!
So I introduced it with two stylings because it is a good item to match various coordination. ~
As I said, it is casual and luxurious, so it is good to use both men and women
I think it’s perfect for those looking for a unique luxury couple bracelet

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