Local botanical gardens may be out of stock in the off-season.

Skyning Pagora specialized cooling system that creates new space.

Corona 19 is in vogue, but the desire to have fun with family and friends does not disappear.
Take a few steps to get together safely at home to create a cozy social distancing space that is weather-agnostic.

Interior expert Jodi Dell says outdoor spaces in homes and shops are valuable when protected under roofs such as Pagora in winter.
“When creating a roof in an outdoor space, the use of electric heaters or fireplugs together can quickly make the space warm.”
He uses cozy wood furniture with soft weatherproof covers to decorate the outdoor space.
Using a similar type of teak outdoor furniture to living room furniture, such as a sofa or a comfortable club chair with custom cushions, is a great way to take comfort and warmth.
a cozy outdoor space with family and friends

Decorate the house with nature.

The more time you spend outdoors, the better it is to design a space that you can enjoy throughout the year. says the chief landscape designer.
“In winter, I want to get some warmth under the sun in the wind-blocked area.”
He also adds that you will want sunlight between the leaves while being surrounded by plants.
“In most cases, green leaf plants place more in the northwest quadrant, which better blocks winter winds. I also like flower beds filled with plants that grow well in cold weather.”
Local botanical gardens may be out of stock in the off-season.
Muellers 스카이어닝 advises that the land will freeze and some plants will not survive winter cultivation.
He recommends winter flowers such as witch dog cancer, and a beautiful scarlet fruit-bearing parsley and a thorny tiger bush.

Cover rain or sunlight in outdoor spaces

If you want to cover a patio or deck from rain or sunlight, skyning is available all year round.
“Even on a fairly rainy day, we can have a party of about 25 people underneath the backyard euning.” John Biondo of Babylon Earnings on Long Island states that the annings are made of acrylic and are 12 meters wide and 4 meters deep. It can be installed on any kind of house or roof surface.
“Eating is waterproof and offers a five-year warranty, but lasts for 10 or 20 years.”
Installing sliding anning in outdoor spaces creates more living space. You can have a party outdoors even when it rains or when the sun shines.

The cooling system’s skyning is made using Italy’s finest Serge Ferrari fabric and the world’s leading motor company, Somfy, France. You can customize various sensuous colors and designs to suit your taste and space.
From comfortable and personal spaces with family and friends to trendy commercial spaces, such as cafes or restaurants, get customized solutions with products that best match each situation and architecture.
Now, your space is another sensible home to coexist with nature and relax even when it rains or when the sun is hot.

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