Let’s find out what kind of small business loan is

First, I will start by examining the definition of what size of business is small business.
Based on the number of employees, it means a small business operator. The wholesale and retail business, lodging business, food business, service business, etc. are classified as below, and manufacturing, transportation, mining and construction industries are classified as small business operators. In addition to the basic funds provided to small business owners, there is a special fund for corona, so if you get information quickly, identify and apply, you can use more government low interest funds for your business.
I will explain the contents and size of 폰테크 the funds you can receive below, but there are so many kinds that I will upload only the representative funds on the blog. For more information, it is the fastest way to proceed by asking below.
The amount of funds that government, local governments, and government investment agencies provide to small businesses and small businesses every year is large enough to be large enough to be of a variety. In addition to the existing tax accountants and tax reporting work, our tax office provides various policy funds and government subsidies to the customers by identifying the existing tax accountants and tax reporting work.
General management stabilization funds are funds created for businesses that are experiencing difficulties due to financial difficulties while conducting business. The size of the funds is higher than the policy fund base rate and the maximum loan per operator is adjusted according to operating profit, sales and credit. The repayment period is 5 years, and after paying interest for two years, the remaining interest and principal are paid in installments.
General management stabilization fund
It is the funds created to solve the management difficulties of small business owners.
Growth-based funds are supported step by step by step by step by fund provided to businesses with high growth potential among small business owners who have conducted business based on the registration date of small business owners. The size of the funds is supported until it is exhausted, and the target is small business owners who run manufacturing. Conditions are higher than policy funding rates, facility funds are supported per operator and working capital is supported per operator; the repayment period is facility funds.
The word is a fund supported by special disaster situations, which is supported by young businesses, youth employment companies, and small business owners who have difficulties in the long term due to the economic downturn or corona. The support scale is supported until it is exhausted.
A special fund provider for youth employment should be a small business owner who is a young person or employs a young person. Limits can be used as interest rates.
Re-challenge Special Funds Among low-credit earners with low credit ratings, the company has excellent business growth. The interest rate is determined after the repayment period and the limit is determined after consultation.
It is provided at interest rates to social enterprise-only fund cooperatives, social enterprises, and village enterprises.
Smart small business support funds are provided to companies that introduce smart facilities as innovative companies. The amount is working capital with facility introduction funds

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