The whole process of designing and building a system’s pagora solves the inherent problems.

Hello, everyone.
It’s a cooling system.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen you in the category of inquiry life.
It’s always nice to meet you in any category, but it feels like my hometown.
It’s more comfortable, warmer, and more comfortable.
With this kind of heart! Today, we’d like to share more informative and welcome news for you! Are you looking forward to it?

PL Act (Manufacturing Liability Act)

It is a law that stipulates that a manufacturer is responsible for damages if a consumer suffers damage due to the lack of safety of a product.
Normally, when a product is defective, repair, exchange, or refund is considered the manufacturer’s basic obligation, but the responsibility of the product is one level higher than that of the supplier for human, physical, and mental damage caused by the product defect!
Do you know that our Siwon system produces and manufactures System Pagora on its own? Therefore, the system pagora is being produced through a lot of consideration and work, even the details of the product inside, to prevent problems from occurring in the product.
But we need to come up with efficient measures to cope with the PL law in case we don’t know?
So in our Siwon system, you can feel more relieved and secure. I’d like to tell you that I have PL insurance.

PL Insurance (Manufacturing Compensation Liability Insurance)

Also known as PL insurance by reducing ‘product availability insurance’.
It’s also called product liability insurance.
PL insurance is an insurance product that compensates for damages under the PL Act by causing damage to the body or property caused by an accident caused by a defect in the product after the product manufactured, sold or constructed by the insured is transferred to the 파고라 customer.
Because they are responsible for the products manufactured by their company, they are applicable to the Air System Pagora manufactured by the Siwon System or the Stay System Pagora!

In our Siwon system, we have manufacturing liability insurance in case of small defects or problems inside the product.
Even if it’s not physically or otherwise damaged, the frame is supported for 5 years and the motor part is supported for 2 years, so you don’t have to worry about this!
Of course, the whole process of designing and building a system’s pagora is addressing the essential challenges so that these little problems don’
Today, I looked into the PL law and PL insurance with you, how was it?
You were surprised that there was a cooler cooling system after that, not just a lot of people were surprised.
As you have chosen according to your careful selection, we are trying to become a more cool and safe and reliable cooling system, so please look forward to it.
Then, let’s say goodbye to Siwon System and see you at the next post!

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