I’ve even looked at the size technology and decided.

While I was preparing for the store opening,

I thought it’d be nice to do a pogara on the terrace.

I’m looking for several companies.

I looked into Yangpyeong’s earnings.

The cooling system has the highest number of construction cases.

It was a veteran company.

I’m new to Pagora, so I don’t know much 파고라 about her.

Let’s call him first.

I had a consultation at the office while I was in Yangpyeong.

I’m going to listen to the detailed description of the design that I want,

It was amazing to hear about the function!

There are pros and cons of all kinds.

There was a difference in the way they installed it.

Even to prevent fabric sagging in case of fabric flapping and snowflapping

Because they do it, and they do it because of its function,

A lot of people do Pagora!

And what I was worried about when I looked into this.

Let’s find out where Yangpyeong is good at.

I didn’t find any companies I liked.

I’m going to talk to the boss, listen to the explanation,

I thought I should do Pagora.

Color materials have come to an end, and there are many conditions

It was important to choose what I wanted because it was different!

In my case, skyning was the most attractive thing.

He told me everything about it.

Depending on what you’re doing, the sunshade effect is also…


I’ve even looked at the size technology and decided.

It’s located in Yangpyeong, all over Yeongdong.

I heard you’re doing construction work.

I was worried that our store was far from Yangpyeong.

From site quotation to construction completion

It’s a perfect schedule.

Thank you so much.

Among imported fabrics called Pagora, high-quality fabric earning type

And it depends on the size of the work!

That’s why I don’t want you to go to my house or store.

Please recommend everything that suits you.

I was able to see and choose the construction!

I’m trying to determine the fabric, so I’m going to make sure that the types in

I filmed it with a video.

I liked the wide range of types and materials.

It’s a requirement canofix material.

It can be controlled by each compartment, so it can be controlled by solar radiation.

We can control the amount of sunlight, so we can go to cafes.

It’s a must for all restaurants.

That’s what we’re doing. Not just our store.

My acquaintances also installed it.

It can protect the buildings in the rain, and it can also protect the interior.

There was something good about it.

Visually and visually, with a bright and pretty feel

I was able to capture it!

Like this, it’s like a fixed anning, folding anning, etc.

It’s coming up, so we’re trying to figure out what we want.

I could choose to watch it.

Me, too. People around me, they’re all skyning.

So we ended up with skyning!

Among Yangpyeong’s earnings companies, this is the most common type.

You had a lot of them and there were lots of construction cases!

Maybe that’s why they set it up.

This is a photo of another store’s construction work.

It’s very strong and luxurious.

First of all, there are so many advantages of skyning.

It’s more expensive than other kinds.

I think it’s worth the price.

I chose skyning.

The installation is done really nicely!

It’s well-formed, it’s strong, and it blocks all the snow and wind.

They even block out the sun in the summer.

A rigid material that can thoroughly distribute various elements.

After installing it, I liked the color and design!

It’s pre-corrosive, so it can be used for a long time.

Slots of different designs and features depending on their application

I think it was even better because it was set as an option!

The store looks better and wider thanks to Yangpyeong Earnings.

So I was more satisfied, and my friends told me that I did a good job.

Everyone at home is amazed.

Maybe it’s because of the design, but the store lives more.

It’s an attractive and good space. Yangpyeong eonning.

I think I did a great job here.

Skyning is powered by electricity.

I’m doing it, so it’s for everyone to use it.

It’s good, and it’

Everyone can open and close easily!

That was good and functional!

So even in cafes and restaurants with terraces and rooftops,

A lot of people are install it.

It’s strong, and the house is more important.

If you’re opening a store, find out Fagora This is

It’s more durable than I thought, so I install it a lot.

That’s how much it makes me feel.

I’m satisfied that you can see something at a glance.

You set up Pagora and you said you had a nice place.

Everyone liked it.

It has an interior effect, and it has a killing two birds with one stone.

So now I’m going to make sure that those of you who recognize Yangpyeong’s evening…

I’d like to recommend this place!

This is how we set it up, so it’s definitely strong against any weather

You can hold it.

It’s safe in the strong wind, even if there’s a typhoon.

All right, I guess.

So skyning is a sea-side store.

They’re installing a lot.

It’s safe for strong winds, so it’s a rooftop.

We’ll put them on the beach or something.

I think you can use it!

I’m also satisfied with it.

It’s easy to install even on a low-rise site.

Just in case you find out or help me.

Feel free to do it if you need it.

I’d like you to make an inquiry.

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