It is possible without the safe deposit loan income

Many people know about chartered loans, but there are some people who do not know about Hug safe charter loans yet.

Do you feel like you can hear your name:) something reassuring

Literally, it is a loan product that can receive financial institution charter fund loan + housing city guarantee corporation charter deposit protection together.

Wow, well, you’d think, of course, that Hug’s safer charter is better than a charter.

I can get a deposit for the lease.

Of course, it’s good! But please note that the warranty fee is charged

Wait here!

The chartered loan is not to give the money directly to the tenant after the money is deposited from the financial institution, that is, my bank account.

If this happens, the money borrowed can be used for other purposes such as living expenses, not charter funds

It is a way to put money into the landlord (lease) bank account that the financial institution has contracted for lease.

So can I borrow a chartered loan and use it for life-saving funds or other purposes? Those who have wondered will be relieved. ;

Hug Security Chartered Loan Application Qualification

Hug safe lease is a product that can at least borrow income compared to a general lease. (No loan without income)

Especially, it is more hopeful for those who are individual business owners who have not been able to prove their income shortly after starting their business

In the past, Hug security lease loans did not see ‘income’ at all, so unemployed people could borrow.

But not now.

Please note that ‘income’ in any way must be proved so that Hug safe charter loans are possible.

Anyway, Korea may not know anything else, but one loan is ‘worker income’ unconditionally favorable!

In fact, if you are an earned income earner, it is much easier to get a loan, so I will tell you by personal business standards.

If you can not submit ‘Income Certificate’ shortly after you started your business, you should have good credit.

Bad credit scores make it difficult to borrow!

(Credit scores are available for free once in the All credit; I know you can check them for free once every three to four months.)

If credit is not only good, but if you have not filed a comprehensive income tax return, you should be able to prove your income in other ways.

Without an income corroborator, we need documents to replace income corroboration.

Those who are operating an online shopping mall can check the sales data, so print it out or submit it

(As each financial institution has 폰테크 different data requested, please contact the financial institution for the correct information.)

There are many places where you can request the credit card application statement.

If you know how much you use your credit card, you can guess ‘Oh, what’s his income about…’

Hug Security Chartered Loan Process

(The same process as chartered loans)

1. Recognizing the house;

If you find an apartment, Naver Real Estate has the most sales.

If you find a villa such as an apartment and a one-room, two-room, you have the most direct sales.

The number of stores is small, but it has the advantage of being able to select ‘rental loanable’ through filtering.

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